The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

Congratulations, You’re Moving House!

Whether it’s your first or tenth, it’s not something people generally want to repeat too often and it’s unique for everyone. They say it’s one of life’s most stressful events, moving home and they’re right, it too can seem overwhelming.

Here at Solent Removals Southampton we know that moving causes a worry to people especially when their routine is totally shaken up and they’ve got to move everything they treasure into thin cardboard boxes.

Fear not. This moving house checklist will have you ahead of the game and feeling in total control!

It’s different for everyone, so, here we’ve got a general checklist to ease some of that worry.



6 Weeks Before the Move

This is forward planning. It’s still quite close in the grand scheme of the moving process, but far enough away to begin getting things in order.  Hopefully you’ve already checked out our guide to the real cost of moving house.

From here until the move day you want to do the hard lifting (so to speak) earlier rather than later to spread out the ‘to-do list’.

It’s time to de-clutter. Yep, you’ve been putting this off for some time now, but it’s arrived at your doorstep and cleaning out stuff you just don’t need will make the move that much easier

Less stuff to pack = Less stuff to move. Bonus!

Need some help moving?
Simply call us, Solent Removals is one of the top rated removal companies in Southampton on Checkatrade and we operate across the South East of England. Get a quote then decide when you’d like us to arrange the removal.  Some overseas removals companies we rate include this removals service in Australia (more to follow)
If you’re renting, let your Landlord know – the earlier the better, it’ll be in the contract. (commonly 2 months).

Need storage?
Find a couple of local companies and compare rental rates – these can be a lifesaver for movers, we recommend Lok’n Store!
Check home/contents insurance, make sure it’s up to date and you’re covered for moving day – best not to rely on the mover’s insurance only.

3-4 Weeks Before the Move

Major stuff has been thought of by now and you’re around a month away, some final adjustments to do – some of which really do need to be done later than others anyhow.

This is the sort of notice you need to give for moving home phone calls/enquiries etc. Try and get this lot done in one sweep so that it’s dealt with and finished. Let’s face it, hanging on the phone to 0845 numbers isn’t that much fun.

Notify ALL utility companies (incl. TV license & Broadband), Council Tax, Contents/Building Insurance, Banks, Household Cars etc. Plus anything else you can think of.
The aforementioned covers most things, but it’s probably worth getting a re-direct service from the post office – you can’t possibly think of everything, right?

Got pets?
Will your neighbours or friends help you out on moving day looking after the little furry ones?
Magazine Subscriptions. Whatever’s coming through your letterbox each month needs to be re-directed or cancelled altogether. This also includes newspapers etc, too.

1-2 Weeks Before the Move

Ok, just under a fortnight to go now, most things have been thought of and ticked off. There’s still a little time for pre-planning here though, so don’t panic.

Use this period to make some things easier for you once you arrive at the day like entering a clean home ready to move into!

It may sound silly, consider cooking some of that frozen food you’ve got stuffed in the freezer – it’s all less to take with you at the end of the day!

Flat Pack furniture could start being dismantled – no, not the bed, just some book shelves, side drawers – simple stuff that you’re not going to be using this close to moving.

Get some professional cleaners booked in. Ensure the house or apartment you’re going to make your home is lovely and clean ready for your belongings. Possibly the home you’re leaving too.
Confirm when you’re able to pick up the keys from the estate agent – make sure you have the right date and time in the diary.

Mains appliances you’re taking – ovens, washing machines, refrigerators – get someone professional booked in to disconnect and have these goods ready for transit.
Make up a box of essentials you might need – just some bits and pieces which could come in really handy on the day like string, tape, scissors, a few cups and teaspoons, a bottle of bubbly (with glasses), and allen keys & screwdrivers!

Label your boxes – nothing fancy, just simply: Bedroom “name”, Family Bathroom, Lounge, Kitchen cups and plates. That sort of idea.

2-3 Days Before the Move

It’s very close now, you can feel the nerves, uncertainty and excitement, that’s why you’re probably tired already. Let’s look at some of those last-minute things to get done & dusted.

These things are less of the packing, as you know you all about that, but more like the other things which need to be looked at as reminders, because often the smaller details can get lost.

Clean Fridge and Freezer – just have bare essentials in there.
Make sure your valuable documents – insurances, certificates, passports, bank statements etc are all in a single place, even if they won’t be in a week’s time.

Are the kids arranged to be with someone else on the day or are they helping? This all depends on their ages.
Leave some sticky notes around the house in places at eye level for those “make sure we don’t forget to do that” moments everyone has when moving home.

Make sure you have all the keys to the property in one place – check you’ve got them back from neighbours and close family/friends.
Contact the local Doctors Surgery to register everyone with the new GP – at least call them to inform them you’ll be registering. Same for the dentist too.

1 Day Before the Move

The final things before the big day tomorrow. Check over your moving house checklist. Relax, it’s all been done in advance thanks to your awesome checklist.

Anything new or unexpected will be dealt with tomorrow, but just to ensure you’ve got as many bases covered as possible, have a look over these.

Leave the kettle out, some cups and tea/coffee because you’ll definitely need it. Know where some bedding is to put straight onto the beds at the other end. Charge phones the night before – having them at 100% on move day will be handy – especially if you’re having to make a lot of calls to movers/trades/agents etc.

The Day of the Move

It’s here. Really, the whole build up has arrived into this single day and everything is now moving from A to B (if only it were as simple).
All the meters need to have readings taken: Water, Gas, Electricity
Turn off Central Heating (if winter)

A final check of your home including the loft and garden (yes, the shed too). If you have a garage, this could do with a quick sweep through, nothing fancy.

Lock all windows and doors prior to being on your way. If the kids are coming during the day with you, ensure they’ve got an area to play or chill – this ensures they’re happy and out the way of heavy stuff being moved about.

Arriving at Your New Home

The truck or van is here and so are you. Everything’s in one piece (hopefully). Once you’ve met the estate agent and got the keys, check everything’s working.

Stop cock – get it located right away, the estate agent might even know to save you looking in a hundred cupboards or under floorboards!
Test the boiler – hot water and heating. If it’s summer, at least ensure the hot water runs. If not, get the plumber round asap. It’s an easy thing to forget and you won’t appreciate it come bath time later on.

Get your appliances installed. If they are already, have someone check them.
Once the removals team have all finished up, have one of them go through the truck or van with you to ensure nothing has been left behind!
Ensure all carpets and any “agreed” fittings to be at your new home are actually there.

Fill your kettle with water and put that bottle of bubbly you have conveniently located in the fridge.
There’s no need to unpack everything today, just the important stuff, then try and find your dining room table and enjoy some food.

Moving Home – Other Top Tips!

  • Try and avoid Fridays and Bank Holidays altogether – removal companies are at their busiest (not everyone takes our advice you see). Go more mid-week like a Tuesday or Wednesday. You may as well make the day of travel the right one as this is in your control from the get go.
  • You’ve probably thought of this, but does your boss know? Make sure they’re kept well-informed because you’ll probably need a few days holiday (though it won’t feel like one).
  • If you’re going down the DIY approach, ensure you’ve hired a van large enough. Sounds obvious, but it’s a common mistake you can’t undo or change on the day because the other available vans in the fleet will by now be booked out.
    For a 2 bed apartment, definitely consider a Long Wheelbase van (LWB) at a minimum, because for the sake of saving £20-£30 for the day, you’ll have a load more space!

So there’s our comprehensive checklist of things you would want to consider when moving home. It’s a difficult time for all of those involved but it needn’t be the stressful expectation you’re waiting for.

Get started on these tasks right at the beginning and it’ll significantly improve your organisation of the whole process.
We’ve got a handy PDF guide just for you to download and print or just to keep handy on your phone – either way, it’s a great resource for your moving house checklist.

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